Current Status

Boy, it has been a while.

I haven’t done anything remotely decent in years. I’m at the point where I’m focused on working and making money which inevitably slows down hobbies. But there are other circumstances as well. Most of my tools are packed away in storage due to the lack of space. I can’t even paint anything if I want to. I still have dozens of kits waiting to be worked on and surprisingly few that I still want buy.

I will reopen shop some day, but there’s no set date. Many of the links have been lost on the site and wordpress is littering the pages with ads so I won’t fix it anytime soon. However, I intend to convert the site from a blog to a gallery in the future where I design every detail in person instead of uploading to a template.

I still love what I do and will revisit in the future.


So, it has been 10 years since Rooster Teeth started the Red Vs Blue series. The last two seasons covering the Freelancer Arc was spectacular in animation and direction. Ever since I finished Master Chief, I knew I had to paint Tex too before I was done. But it was more than just repainting the figure. I wanted to replicate the “badass” attitude of the character.

The Cost of Model Building

Once upon a time, I was open to the idea of doing commissioned projects. Those were in the early days when it seemed like a good idea to help people create their envisioned toys while making a little bit of money. It was a naive period of my life. I still get a few emails every now and then asking me about doing a project. Most of offers don’t even come close to being worth my time spent on the project.

I think I’ve figured out a few reasons why it ended up this way. Everyone likes cool stuff. No one likes to pay money. Most people are unaware of the actual cost and investment made in this hobby. So here’s an article that’s going to tell you everything you need to become a modeller and do the job yourself. (more…)

Red Lightning

The Lightning Saix has always been my favorite Zoid. It’s a black mechanized cheetah. The aerodynamic design incorporates razor sharp edges with bold curves like the Lamborghini Adventador. It doesn’t get sexier than that. Anyway, this was an Out-of-the-Box build so no mods, just paint work. I found a good balance of contrast between the aluminum frame and the gunmetal armors. As a speed-based zoid, the armors should retain some reflective properties but not glossy. This kit has a great deal of depth in making it look like a machine. You can see a lot of the inner frame through the gaps and vents and makes you wonder how much other detail is hidden from sight.

By the way, this model won 2nd place in the OOB Advance Category of GE’s Summer War Contest.

Year 4

I could hardly believe that I’m already writing this again. For me, this year went by exceptionally fast because I remember many of the things that have happened in the last year as if it were yesterday. For this blog, it’s been rather quiet but I’ve been out doing so much that I haven’t quite shared yet so this post is going to account for some of that. (more…)

Miami Ad School: NYC

I think it’s about time I wrote an update on my situation. Yup, I’m back in school. A portfolio school for advertising. No, I’m not in Florida. I’m still in NYC, one of the many areas that MAS branched out to. Above is a view right outside one of the classroom windows.In fact, it has an excellent view of the lower Manhattan skyline. It’s perfect for when I lose focus in class and stare off into the sunset. (more…)

Advice for Beginners

I just started my first week of portfolio school. I’ll go into detail about it some other time, but what I really want to talk about is the passage above. One of my instructors used it in his introduction keynote and I found it be quite true. I’m still working my way up from the bottom as a writer but it can be relate-able to all creative arts. I’ve built and painted quite a few works by now and it doesn’t always turn out the way I want it. I would try repeatedly, but it’s always missing something that keeps me from being 100% satisfied. I’ve been trying to put the feeling into words for a while now, but I don’t think it’s going get more straightforward than this paragraph.