GAT-X105 Strike Bust

As you have probably figured out by now, I’m a fan of Gundam Seed’s designs. Most of it’s mechanical designs are focused on its sleekness and the mobility factor.

I’ve had this kit for 3 years now and it has been sitting in my stash with all the other soon-to-be-built kits that I have. Unlike the (1/35) Freedom Bust, this kit is significantly bigger and with many more parts. For a while I’ve put off building the it until I decided to experiment with a new line of paints for natural looking metal. Since much of the kit is focused on the mechanical parts, I wanted to give it a heavier and solid look. Even the white has a slightly rugged look to show how Kira was excessively rough with his machine in the show.The build took almost two months, but the finished display is satisfying. Enjoy.

The lighting was not particularly difficult now since my last few project involved Led wiring.

The central cockpit area is equipped with a color changing Led. From red to blue to green to purple and many more colors!

One of the only cons about this kit, is that the switch for the lights is under the blue chest piece that is hard to remove without potentially scratching paint off the sides.