VF-25S Armored

I decided to make some changes. When I first finish this model in April, the armored pack and equipment was red and gold because I figured I might end up giving it over to Alto’s VF-25F. Now that the idea is scrapped, I repainted the covers to better suit Ozma. Instead of the red, I went with a nice shiny orange and gold to compliment the stripes on the plane.

The armored pack is obviously a pretty bulky weapon system. You may wonder whether it is even logical to equip a fighter with such heavy equipment and sacrifice speed for power. I had my doubts at first, but after the build I started to like the design. It covers the sleek wings of the VF-25, but at the same time it puts a lot more break-through potential onto a single plane.

The original kit came with a ton of decals, but it was still lacking many of essential markings that I wanted. With a new project to complete the entire squadron, I designed and had custom decals printed. Each fighter now features personalized markings such as the pilot’s name and Skull #.

New Custom Decals: Skull Leader & Model Number

Added Metal Thruster Parts. I’ve been stocking them for years specifically for the purpose of using them eventually…I recently discovered that I had yet to use any of them! Gotta fix that.