The Choice of Color

Color represents life. Just look around you. Is the world just black and white? Everything in the world is made of color.

Color is the most immediate visual stimulant, meaning it’s the first thing you notice when you see something. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a model, a picture, or even text, color presentation is your first impression. And this implies everywhere, in fashion, in design, in art, anywhere. Of course, it seems like common sense to just pick colors that match. Like those blue jeans with literally any shirt, right? There’s a bit more to it than that.

[Yellow is the most eye-catching color.]

Color also represents emotion. Different colors make people respond in different ways and they symbolize the things that we feel. Red is a bold color of excitement. Blue is a feeling of cool and calmness. You might notice that my logo is primarily red, for it represents my passion for this hobby and my continued progress of learning new things.

[Many social sites use blue and white for their logo. Coincidence?]

When it comes to painting models, your color choice and the shade you use has one of the biggest impacts on it’s success. Then there’s color combination. While monochrome has it’s appeals in art and graphic design, we usually use up to several secondary colors for balance or detailing. There are already many proven color sets out there such as Red/Orange, Blue/White/Gold, Blue/Green, etc. Pretty much all bright shades can be matched with white, but black is a bit harder to work with because it obscures details. If you must use Black/Gold, make sure it’s well thought out.

[Would Ironman have been just as popular if the armor was blue instead of red?]

The goal of this article is not to teach you what colors work or what doesn’t. I wrote this in hope of getting people to pay more attention to the beauty of hue and how it is used.

For the quickest way to check out varieties of bright colors, I recommend looking at art, products, or even Pokemon. But you can learn about color wherever you choose to look, you just have to think about it and see it for yourself.

One last thing. Never change or choose a color you don’t want just to be different. There is nothing wrong with using the original color scheme. More often than not, the design was planned with those colors in mind and have proven effective. There are still other ways to use express uniqueness with the options of shades and paint textures like pearlescent and metallic. Plus the top clear layer of glossy to matte finishes should give you plenty to choose from.